Monday, 3 October 2011

purchased my first Märklin catalog

In the christmas of 62, when I was 10 years old, I received the wished electric train, it was from Payá, (a spanish brand) H0, it worked with 3 rails and AC, and it was delivered with a 2 axles steam loco and 3 or 4 goods wagons, some time later I purchased my first Märklin catalog (1966-67) and in 1967 I bought my first märklin passenger car, it was a TEE, painted in beige and red, since then I started to replace the whole stuff that I have purchased by the high quality stuff of Märklin or Electrotren. My first Marklin loco was the M 3000, later came some more, 3095, 3021, 3022, etc. You can read more about this in My Collection. Then I built up my first
layout , it was divided in 4 parts, a little bit more than 2m long and 1m wide, this was the classic oval shape, with a through station with 2 or 3 tracks, a small branch line and a small track to rangier work.Some years later, in the 81, I got married, changed my home and I got room for my hobby, (no money) . I designed and built a new layout, it was L-shape, with a double track main line, mountains and some automatic devices, block system, and a semiautomatic station, in which, each train, before the turnouts of the station, detected the free track, if there was any, and it goes in the station. In the main line the blocksystem worked in such way that I could have 4 or 5 trains running. I used a trafo to power the main track and another one to feed

the industrial area and rangier work. All the rolling stock was Marklin and Electrotren, also the tracks. I had only a electric loco, the powerful 3022, and I had not got any catenary. In 1983 I traveled for first time to Germany I moved to another flat, I lost the room, so I had to wait. In the 90s I restarted the hobby, and I built a new layout, in a terrace (closed of course) I built a new layout with dog bone shape, 7 m length and 80 cm wide. Then I discovered the digital world and I started to digitalize all my locos, I bought a UC 6020 and a control 80F, besides I read something about hidden yards and I decided rebuilt the layout.I designed a layout with 2 levels, the bottom level is a hidden yard, with 4 tracks, and a automatic device to choose a free track. The upper level represents a end station with the main street, access facilities, as well as a industrial area, maintenance services

and a small residential area. From the end station start a double main line that communicates with the bottom level. In the third picture in this page you can see the the end station, it has 6 tracks and 3 platforms, also one more platform for goods loading facilities, you can see a DB050,a steam loco pushing a goods train and beside of it a electric loco DB E18, with an old passenger train. The tracks are in the upper level mainly K and some M, and in the bottom level all MI have a trafo to feed all digital devices and half layout, with a booster the other half, besides there's other trafo to lighting and accessories, and a small 24 V DC. In this picture you can see a IC train. I try to group the small people because it seems to be more prototypical , normally people tend to go together. The layout represents some inexistent place in Germany in the era III. The background is made with photo paint pro.
The buildings are mainly from Kibri and Faller, and are painted to give them a weathered look

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